Circle Symbols

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Circle Symbol Name Of Circle Symbol Unicode
White Circle U+025CB
Black Circle U+025CF
Dotted Circle U+025CC
Circle With Vertical Fill U+025CD
Circle With Upper Half Black U+025D3
Circle With Lower Half Black U+025D2
Circle With Right Half Black U+025D1
Circle With Left Half Black U+025D0
Circle With Upper Right Quadrant Black U+025D4
Circle With All But Upper Left Quadrant Black U+025D5
Left Half Black Circle U+025D6
Right Half Black Circle U+025D7
Inverse White Circle U+025D9
Large Circle U+025EF
🚫 No Entry Sign U+1F6AB
🔘 Radio Button U+1F518
Cross Sign In Double Circle U+02A37
Error-Barred Black Circle U+029F3
Error-Barred White Circle U+029F2
🎯 Direct Hit U+1F3AF
Black Circle With Down Arrow U+029ED
White Circle With Down Arrow U+029EC
Circle With Two Horizontal Strokes To The Right U+029C3
Circle With Small Circle To The Right U+029C2
Circled Greater-Than U+029C1
Circled Less-Than U+029C0
⦿ Circled Bullet U+029BF
Circled White Bullet U+029BE
Up Arrow Through Circle U+029BD
No Entry U+02706
Baseball U+026BE
Unmarried Partnership Symbol U+026AF
Divorce Symbol U+026AE
Marriage Symbol U+026AD
Black Circle With Two White Dots U+02689
Black Circle With White Dot Right U+02688
White Circle With Two Dots U+02687
White Circle With Dot Right U+02686
Permanent Paper Sign U+0267E
Partially-Recycled Paper Symbol U+0267D
Recycled Paper Symbol U+0267C
Peace Symbol U+0262E
Radioactive Sign U+02622
Tibetan Symbol Nor Bu Nyis –Khyil U+00FCA
Yin Yang U+0262F