Degree, Weather and Unit Symbols

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° ϟ
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Weather Symbols Name Of Weather Symbol Unicode
White Sun SunnyU+263C
Black Sun Clear WeatherU+2600
Cloudy WeatherU+2601
Sun Behind Cloud Partly CloudyU+26C5
Thunder Cloud And Rain ThunderstormU+26C8
🌤White Sun With Small Cloud Mostly SunnyU+1F324
🌥White Sun Behind Cloud Mostly CloudyU+1F325
🌦White Sun Behind Cloud With Rain ShowersU+1F326
🌧Cloud With RainU+1F327
🌨Cloud With Snow Snow, Snow ShowersU+1F328
🌩Cloud With LightningU+1F329
🌪Cloud With Tornado TwisterU+1F32A
Umbrella Rainy WeatherU+2602
Umbrella Showery WeatherU+2614
Snowman Snowy WeatherU+2603
Snowman Light SnowU+26C4
Black Snowman Heavy SnowU+26C7