Spanish Alphabet and accented vowels, ligature and exclamation

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¡ ¿ Á É Í Ñ Ó Ú Ü á é í ñ ó ú ü
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Spanish Alphabet Type Unicode
¡Inverted Exclamation PointU+0161
¿Inverted Question MarkU+0191
ÁUppercase Accent Acute (A)U+0193
ÉUppercase Accent Acute (E)U+0201
ÍUppercase Accent Acute (I)U+0205
ÑUppercase Ligature (NN)U+0209
ÓUppercase Accent Acute (O)U+0211
ÚUppercase Accent Acute (U)U+0218
ÜUppercase Accent Diaeresis (U)U+0220
áLowercase Accent Acute (a)U+0225
éLowercase Accent Acute (e)U+0233
íLowercase Accent Acute (i)U+0237
ñLowecase Ligature (nn)U+0241
óLowercase Accent Acute (o)U+0243
úLowercase Accent Acute (a)U+0250
üLowercase Accent Diaeresis (u)U+0252